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We are inviting you to join our Series of APJ Brand Innovation Webinars to share with you how HP Indigo Digital Print Solutions can address today's Brands and Consumer needs.

In the face of a crisis-driven culture shift, brands must adjust tone and tactics to align with consumer expectations and fears. Long before the crisis emerged, consumer trust in large brands had eroded. The current situation seems poised to amplify the distrust end-users have. Brands can push against that wave by rising to the occasion to re-establish trust through customer-centric actions. We need to re-think the long-held wisdom of elevating our brands above functional physiological and safety needs in favour of higher order values. The key is to take any opportunity – crisis-induced or otherwise – and use innovative thinking to identify new ways to use technology to solve life's issues.

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Webinar name Date Time (AEDT)
June 11 4:00 PM
June 22 4:00 PM
July 9 4:00 PM
July 23 4:00 PM
August 6 4:00 PM

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