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Now that more employees are working from home, IT security professionals have a lot to manage. Remote work unfortunately comes with security challenges related to vulnerable endpoints and networks. Phishing and malware attacks are also on the rise, so employees need help securing their devices and practicing good cyber hygiene. To help IT teams securely manage their workforce and protect sensitive company data, HP has developed a variety of security resources.


Protecting Employees From Increased Phishing Attacks

Is your remote workforce prepared for increased phishing attacks? 91% of cyberattacks start with a phishing email. Learn about the best ways to protect endpoint devices and sensitive data. Watch the video.


Identifying and Managing New and Evolving Security Threats (Phishing, Malware, etc.)

Is your security team prepared to handle evolving phishing and ransomware attacks? Phishing alone grew 667% in March. Make sure they're ready with the right insights. Watch the video.


How Do you Maintain Operational Integrity Even When You're in a Compromised State?

IT needs to maintain operational integrity even when in a compromised state. Learn strategies for making it happen in this video with HP security experts. Watch the video.


Why a Zero-Trust Policy?

Why is a zero trust policy important? How does it fit into secure remote work? Watch this video to learn more from two HP experts. Watch the video.


Endpoint Security Best Practices in the New Norm

Hear HP senior cybersecurity experts discuss the current security landscape, as well as practical considerations for adapting your endpoint security strategy to secure a workforce of remote and onsite workers. Watch the video.


Add Value - Not Friction to your Endpoint Security Practice

Endpoint security has become more important than ever as cyberthreats increase in frequency and sophistication. Learn how HP’s innovative, hardware-based approach to endpoint protection can strengthen your organization’s security posture. Watch the video.


New Security Threats for an At-Home Workforce

Any major disruption in the way organizations do business is an opportunity for hackers. Learn about the major security considerations you need to think through and how to protect your users in this episode of Spiceworks' "On the Air: Remote Edition." Watch the video.


Taking Security OUT of Your Users' Hands

Listen to HP Senior Security Specialist Brad Winston and Spicehead and PermiaCare IT Director Glenn Pitchford discuss ways to mitigate users and prevent security attacks at the endpoint level in this episode of Spiceworks' "On the Air." Watch the video.



Communicating with Remote Employees About Cybersecurity

Communicating with Remote Employees About Cybersecurity


You need remote workers to follow cybersecurity best practices. With the right messaging and communication strategies, you can make that happen. Find out what works best. Read more.

Combat Today’s Most Common Cybersecurity Attacks

Combat Today’s Most Common Cybersecurity Attacks


Cybersecurity attacks are on the rise. Which types are most common, and how can you address them? Get the answers and learn how endpoint devices with built-in security can play a role. Read more.

HP Remote Worker Cybersecurity Best Practices

HP Remote Worker Cybersecurity Best Practices


Good cybersecurity hygiene is critical as the number of remote employees has skyrocketed. See important strategies and tips for protecting employees, systems, and company data during this time to reduce the risk of an accidental or malicious security breach. Read more.

Keep You and Your Company Digitally Safe at Home

Keep You and Your Company Digitally Safe at Home


Network attacks targeting Wi-Fi networks and VPNs, phishing, and other security threats are on the rise. Read about the best practices for working remotely using HP security capabilities in this white paper. Read more.

IDC IT Endpoint Security Strategy

IDC IT Endpoint Security Strategy Infobrief


On behalf of HP, IDC surveyed 500 security decision-makers and influencers about their organizations' approaches to endpoint security. Read this report to learn their findings, which indicate considerable scope for critical improvements in cybersecurity awareness. Read more.

HP Business PC/Print Devices Cleaning Guide: Helping Businesses Address Coronavirus

HP Business Devices Cleaning Guide: Helping Businesses Address Coronavirus


The CDC recommends cleaning and disinfecting surfaces as a best practice for the prevention of coronavirus and other viral respiratory illnesses in households and community settings. Take a look at this cleaning guide for details. Read more.

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