Moving from prototyping to end-part production

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Headquartered in Belgium with branches worldwide, Materialise combines one of the biggest groups of 3D software developers with one of the world’s largest 3D printing facilities. For 27 years, Materialise has pioneered innovations in 3D printing, pursuing a mission to improve product development and contribute to a better, healthier world.

The Challenge

Materialise is blazing a trail from 3D prototyping to 3D end-part production. But the path is wrought with challenges.

“There are significant differences in making a prototype versus serial production”, says Bart Van der Schueren, Materialise’s Chief Technology Officer. For one, becoming a manufacturing facility requires higher standards for part quality and consistency, he said. “And it’s also very important that the process is traceable, to make sure the parts you are printing are printed according to the exact standards and data sets you promised.”

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