Szent István University brings 3D printing to the next generation of engineers

Customer at a glance

Szent István University, one of Hungary’s most prominent institutions of higher education, consists of eight different faculties for study including mechanical engineering. Located 30 minutes northeast of Budapest, Hungary, the public university was founded in 2000 and offers both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering, with specializations in manufacturing technology, applied information technology, and technical development.

Partnership with EBK-Hungary Kft.

In order to provide its mechanical engineering students with the latest and most advanced technologies to prepare them for the future, Szent István University partnered with EBK-Hungary Kft. to bring 3D printing technology to students.

EBK-Hungary Kft. uses HP Multi Jet Fusion technology to prototype and manufacture products for customers. With access to this cutting-edge technology, mechanical engineering students have the future at their fingertips and can equip themselves with skills for the next generation of technology.

Thanks to direct access to HP Multi Jet Fusion technology through EBK-Hungary Kft., students at Szent István University can take advantage of:

  • Fast printing speeds. Students can design parts for their projects and see them come to life in a matter of hours with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology.

  • 3D printing in color. EBK-Hungary Kft. serves it customers with the HP Jet Fusion 580 Color 3D Printer, and also extends these printing capabilities to student projects. 3D printing in color allows students to get a better idea of what their final projects will look like.

  • New skills for a bright future. "Students who learn 3D printing have a better chance to be hired by technology companies,"  said Tibor Mezei, Vice Chancellor of Szent István University.