HP Multi jet fusion helps create higher-performance bearing cages

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Bowman International is a leading manufacturer and supplier of plain bearings in the United Kingdom and Europe. Established in 1974, Bowman offers an unparalleled range of bearings and sintered parts for applications across all industries.

The Challenge

Bearing cages are typically one of the most significant factors in bearing performance and they are also the most complex part of a bearing. As such, they are difficult to manufacture using traditional methods.

Bowman’s standard range of cages—which are available on the market in 17 different sizes—would traditionally have been produced using steel, bronze, or aluminum, all of which can result in considerable noise and vibration during operation, compromising the material’s durability and, thus, the quality of the part. Extremely complex geometries made it impossible for Bowman to use traditional processes like Injection Molding, but with the properties of a material like HP 3D HR PA 11, Bowman found a way to produce the thousands of bearing cages they needed to manufacture per month.

To learn more about Bowman’s use of HP Multi Jet Fusion technology and HP 3D HR PA 11 material to produce these parts for manufacturing, please complete the form to download a full copy of the case study.

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