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Webinar: Building business resilience with a productive, mobile workforce

As our lifestyles and workstyles get disrupted, HP Inc. Singapore Managing Director, Vivian Chua, shares her perspectives on how technology can be a core enabler of business continuity and what we can do to help our people keep working and keep going in the new normal.

“I believe that in creating an environment powered by technology, it will help my people to work and to grow personally and professionally in a way that best suit their lifestyles, no matter where they are.”

In this new normal where majority of the workforce have left their offices for a home-based setup, there is an immediate need for businesses to improve their collaborative workflows and enable a flexible workstyle to protect their operations. This requires a change in mindset and those who demonstrate strong leadership by embracing change will benefit, says HP Inc. Singapore Managing Director, Vivian Chua.

This year is a defining moment for the Founder and CEO of FLY Entertainment, Irene Ang, as it marks the 20th anniversary of her artiste management company. Despite the disruption to her multiple businesses, she is focusing her attention on how she can quickly adapt her operations to the changing business climate. In her fireside chat, she shares her wisdoms and experiences on how businesses can lean into leadership, change and a strong company culture to overcome adversity during this time.

“When all this is over, we want to be very technology-savvy, we want to be very connected, we want to have created new businesses and ideas for ourselves already. So that is what I learnt from the past and I hope from this new crisis, I would be able to do that.”

Watch on to hear more on how businesses can navigate the new normal and increase their resilience for the journey ahead.

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